“We don’t come to church, to be a church. We come to Christ, and then we are built up as a church. If we come to church just to be with one another, one another is all we’ll get. And it isn’t enough. Inevitably, our hearts will grow empty, and then angry. If we put community first, we will destroy community. But if we come to Christ first and submit ourselves to Him and draw life from Him, community gets traction.” C.S. Lewis


--- Messages

Breastplate of Righteousness

by Pastor Billy Green Jeremiah 32

by Pastor Billy Green
Passion for Christ
by Guest Speaker Rev. Ken Pippin
Father’s Day
by Pastor Billy Green?
Love of My Youth
by Pastor Billy Green
Keys to Hope
by Pastor Billy Green?
Crossing the Jordan
by Pastor Billy Green
Take Possession
by Pastor Billy Green
Engage God
by Pastor Billy Green

---Past Messages

By Pastor Billy Green 
Even in Our Brokenness
Do You See What I See?
 By Pastor Billy Green “Survivor Series”
Four Lifelines for Survival

Surviving Failure

Surviving The Test of Faith

Surviving Requires Adapting