The View From Here

When I was a little child, a neighborhood friend a few houses up the street, lived in a home with a steep driveway. It was the delight of each of us to ride our bikes down that ‘very high mountain’. I remember having to work up my courage the first time or two down. Once I realized I wouldn’t die, it was all the more fun. Many years later we drove through the old neighborhood. While surveying old landmarks, I laughed at myself when I saw the ‘steep driveway’ for it was nothing more than a slight incline. It was hardly a ‘very high mountain’. That’s perspective. 

The longer I live I realize how much more I need to learn. For age, knowledge, and life experiences certainly bring a better perspective. Job 12:12 speaks to this, “Is not wisdom found among the aged? Does not life bring understanding?”

The way I look at problems and disappointments are sometimes like that same little child–over exaggerated and bigger than life. Mole hills seem like mountains. My framing is narrow. My perspective is off.

With Christmas celebration just around the corner, it is fitting to remind us that God is with us and he is for us. In his birth God was saying “I want to be with you” and in his death he was saying “I want you to be with me.” This will change our perspective when we internalize that reality. When life throws us a curveball and we have to recalculate, when circumstances are out of our control, if we believe God loves us and he has our best interest in mind, we can rest in his proven character and providential care.

On the other side of eternity, when we reach our final destination, our perspective will be very clear. The toils and cares of this life will pale in comparison to what we will experience. “Now we live with great expectation, and we have a priceless inheritance—an inheritance that is kept in heaven for you, pure and undefiled, beyond the reach of change and decay. I Peter 1:3b,4 NLT. What a promise!
My prayer for you and for myself is that we will live our lives with a heavenly perspective, framed by the Word of God. May every ‘mountain’ remind us that although we are small, our God is bigger than big and stronger than strong. He can handle whatever comes our way. Christmas joy to you.